10 Fun Ways to Get Fit Without a Gym

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Most people often quest, what could be 10 fun ways to get fit without a gym? Because many of them are shy of going to gym, some do not have enough time, few simply deny the hardship involved in gym.

Following are the 10 Fun ways to get fit without a gym.


Skipping ropes is an excellent way to burn off extra body fat. Skipping helps building your legs muscle, arms and shoulders muscle. It makes your abdominal area tighter and stronger, do remember to pull little in your stomach while you are skipping. Do this three times a week for 20-30 minutes.


Cycling is a great fun to ride around your house, passing by places you know, nearby park, cafes, market place, or may be at your acquaintances place. Cycling is the best way to exercise giving you ultimate workout on upon your whole body burning up the extra weight. Cycling workouts on your hips, thighs, abdominal even on your shoulders.


Cycling not your queue? Then go for “Skating”. Pick your choice “Roller skate or Blade skating” are similar and have same effects of workout on the body, which works on the knees, calves and inner thighs. Even if you do not know skate, go out with your friends, learn skating and you will find it more fun and enjoy doing it.


Yoga is the pure science of connecting mind to the soul, through various body movements done in a series making you enough flexible and toning muscle. You will love and enjoy doing yoga all you need is an open space and a mat. You can always find 100’s of tutorial videos on YouTube, and many Yoga instruction CD’s you will find at your nearest store.


Running out is the perfect workout for anybody, all you need is a good shoe and traffic free place to run. Running burns more calories, so find a nearby park or a track. Running regularly will surely keep you healthy and fit, now get fit without gym.


Hiking gives you a real fun workout, a great way to burn your calories and to get an aerobic workout. Grab your friend or family, pack your water and emergency kit and go for hiking.

7) DO PT

This is something we used to earlier in high school, every morning. A basic pro routine which includes jumping jack, sit ups, push ups, lunges etc. these burns down your calories and toning of your body in the old fashion but very effective manner.


Yes household chores could be a fun way to get fit without going to gym. Find all those calorie burn activities such as scrubbing, washing windows, cleaning your car, trimming garden or removing all unnecessary items from your yards. As they day progress you will find yourself burning up some calories.


If you can make some time to have fun and play, then play your favorite game with your friends, remember it should be outdoor or else if you have access to indoor stadium play in. But remember to play something which involves body activity like running, jumping and hand movements. This will get your heart rate up and you will definitely burn calories.


Dancing makes your body sweat within minutes, it involves movement of your all body. Dance any form you like all does a job. If you don’t know to dance get an instruction CD or signup to dance studio around.

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