10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea


Green tea is a medicinal beverage originated in CHINA which is been widely now used as a health drink. Only reason why green tea is more successful than black tea, because of its proven health benefits. You might know about some of them, but you will learn here 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea. And you must try Green tea, for leading healthier life.

10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea:

1) Weight Loss
It is a proven fact that Green tea increases the metabolic rate. Poly-phenol compound found in green tea works to escalate levels of fat oxidation. Which helps you in weight loss, drink your green tea if you are thinking of losing weight.

2) Blood Pressure
Green tea is also known for reducing risk of blood pressure, in a recent study it has been confirmed that regular consumption of green tea reduces risk of blood pressure.

3) Diabetes
Green tea helps in regulating the glucose levels which slows down the rise of blood sugar after we have meal. This improves insulin sensitivity which in turn contains diabetes. So, better drink Green tea and turn down any possibility of diabetes.

4) Depression
Green tea can also significantly helps in curbing depression. A substance called “Theanine” in an amino acid naturally occurring in tea leaves, is responsible for curbing depression. This Theanine provides a relaxing and tranquilizing effect to the green tea drinkers.

5) Heart Diseases
Green tea has proven to be significantly helpful in lowering risks of cardiovascular disease, green tea works on the lining of blood vessels, which keeps them relaxed and better able to withstand up and down in blood pressure levels. In the study of American association’s journal study it was found that drinking green tea twice a day can lower risk of heart disease up to 42%.

6) Cancer
Most leading cause of death across globe is cancer. Green tea kills cancer generating cells without damaging the healthy tissue around them. Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants, these antioxidants reduces the build-up of cancer producing cell. Drink it regularly and avert any crisis of cancer to you in near future.

7) Best for Skin
Green tea contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which can apparently help in lowering wrinkles and any signs of aging. No need to rely on any cream or make up just drink a cup of green tea.

8) Tooth Decay
Studies of green tea properties also suggests that chemical antioxidant “catechin” helps in destroying bacteria and viruses that causes throat infections, dental conditions, which harms our teeth causing tooth decay.

9) Alzheimer’s
In a recent study it is found out that green tea delays deterioration caused by Alzheimer. Green tea protects brain cells from dying and restoring the damaged ones with the new cells.

10) Stroke
Antioxidant properties of green tea helps in preventing any unnecessary clotting of blood by attacking damaged cells, which lowers the any risk of stroke.

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