5 tips for taking control Diabetes


Controlling Diabetes is in our hands, there is no cure for diabetes at present. It is very difficult to live a life of a diabetic patient, being every time cautious. However, you should take this as a challenge considering yourself as a special person. You just need to take a little extra care yourself from ordinary people. Cheer up buddies use following 5 tips for taking control diabetes.

1) Walk or Exercise:

People suffering from diabetes are often insulin resistant, insulin is not used properly by the body. Walking for almost 30 minutes increase insulin sensitivity, improving utilization of the blood sugar.Thus reduction of blood sugar lowering other health risks related to diabetes.

2) Eat fiber and whole grain:

Make it a simple rule for yourself, whenever you eat, you will eat right. Eat food which has higher content of fiber in it. Fibers has the potential to reduce risk by improving your blood sugar level, lowers risk of heart disease, and burns fat. Eat foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains. Experts suggest that eating whole grain food may reduce your risk of diabetes and control blood sugar levels. You should try to make at least half your meal that you eat as a whole grains. You can find many foods pre made from whole grains come ready to eat, this includes various breads, pasta and cereals products. You can find for the word on the package which says the word “whole” on the package and or in the ingredient items list.

3) Check feet daily:

Make it a habit to check your feet daily. Why? Because you may not know that high blood sugar levels can damage nerves in your feet, leaving you vulnerable not to sense any cuts, blisters or any other injuries. Also high blood sugar may increase your risk of infection, which can cause even minor injury into a grave problem within few days. Just check for any anomalies like redness, cuts, blisters, or swelling, if notice any reach for a doctor.

4) Protect your eyes:

Eyes is a very important organ of the body, eyes help in identifying environment around us. Visit your nearest “Ophthalmologist” every six months for a dilated-eye exam especially for diabetic patient. This dilated eye exam help in early diagnosis of diseases such as “Retinopathy”, one of the most common complications of diabetes. This in common term means to be a blindness causing disease but thankfully now there are methods like laser surgery and other ways to prevent it.

5) Take Vaccine:

Be careful with changing seasons, every time season change ask your doctor if you need of any preventive vaccination. You must understand, diabetic people are prone to complications if they get the flu. Even for a normal flu you might get hospitalized because of your weekend immune system.

The flu may push your blood sugar levels to rise high, triggering severe complications, slowing down your healing process. Make an early appointment to your doctor and add a reminder to remind yourself to visit doctor.

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